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1978 Sandra Phillips Butler
In Memoriam - 2014
1936 Jeanne Nelson White
1940 Metta Schaefer Wilcox
1942 William A (Bill) Martin
1943 Virginia R Gualdoni Donohue
1944 Gustave Hoelscher
1945 Harold Gabauer
1950 Ellsworth Emil (Rocky) Appel
1951 Marian Delores Bick
1952 James H Hoskins
1952 Mary Coffy Remes
1954 Beverly McInnis Lenhardt
1955 Wanda Carmack Behrens
1955 Lois Weinbrenner Brown
1956 Rita L Boshans
1956 Augustus (Gus) T Elder
1959 Jane Langanbacher Oatman
1961 Pamela Juelich Mason
1961 Carolyn Becht Wolff
1963 Timothy Edward Dineen
1964 Brian Michael Watral
1965 Lynn Allen Burch
1967Joel E Hodapp
1969 Edgar A Gahr
1974 Carol A Robinson, MD
1977 Todd Ferguson
1979 David E Frick
1988 Kimberly L Lay
1988 Jason R Skaggs
2000 Robert Ralph Smith
2012 Anthony Lee Brown
ORES Norma (Jean) Baldwin
ORES Helen Brooks
ORES Marjorie Marting

In Memoriam - 2013 
1938 Charles John Peat
1939 Murray (Duane) Strong
1940 Geraldine (Jerry) Wahlbrink Franklin
1940 Margarette Rose Copeland Steiner
1942 William A (Bill) Martin
1943 Ora Lee Strauser McGroarty
1944 Virginia (Verna) Mae Ake Luttrel
1944 Harry J Truesdell 
1945 Patricia J Mitchell Trace-Szekely
1947 Joseph V Langhardt
1948 Chester B Franz, Jr
1949 Marlene Klein Frisch
1949 Louise Bitto Pleasanton
1950 Ralph P Shaw
1950 Carol Light Williams
1951 W David Horn
1953 Thelma M (Ann) Manser
1955 Richard Lee Deimeke
1955 Warren A Grassman
1955 Paul D Mars
1957 William W Weston
1959 Jim Holtmann
1959 Jo Ann Diebold Kraut
1960 Richard Brantley
1961 John (Glen) Doran, Jr 
1961 James H Strassner
1962 James A Bagley
1963 John P Schooling
1964 Alan Edward Bixler
1969 Leigh Volkening
1972 David Lee Suntrup
1978 Kerry Glen Anderson
1995 Joseph Dominic Medearis
ORES Walter H Marsh
ORES Joan F Maschmann 
ORES Peter Willenborg
 In Memoriam - 2012
1937 Elizabeth Bick Kinzel
1938 Dorothy Roth Rittensbacher
1939 Jacqueline Willming Roehm
1940 Shirley Gardner Lee
1941 Beverly Swofford Russell
1943 Thomas Buder
1943 John E Callen
1945 Ted R Holland
1945 Ruth Marie Thomas Wehmeier
1946 Raymond G Meyer
1946 Dale E Milburn
1946 Martha J Hounsom Murphy
1946 Shirley Schall Tysklind
1947 Edward (Gene) Clark, Jr
1948 Virginia Heifner Cox
1949 Roy Johnson
1951 James H Drake
1952 Darlene D Brunotte
1952 James (Mick) Lee
1953 Edward W Buller
1953 Frederick C Sexauer, Jr.
1956 Mary Senes Arthur
1956 Janet Mash Ruggeri
1956 Curtis B Stokes
1957 Thomas D Lee
1957 Sandra Elizabeth Kleinsorge Shelton
1959 Judy Brink Carter
1959 James D Russell
1960 Suzanne M Frossard Taylor
1962 Stephen Robert Hussman
1963 Sharon Fink Blaiss
1963 Nancy Sutton Chatelain
1963 Maurice E Belger
1963 Donald Thompson
1964 Patricia Turner Krehbiel
1965 William S Sollis, Jr
1966 David A Eggers
1967 Robert David Ault
1968 Donald B Dahlin
1969 Gloria Gutierrez Dorrough
1970 William E (Bill) Buckner
1970 Mary Ellen Moskoff Stortz
1970 Suzanne Frossard Taylor
1972 Thomas E Eggers
2012 Qaia Mohammad Noori
ORES Peggy Atkins Smith
In Memoriam - 2011
1936 Mary Peat Naquin
1937 Charles Miller
1939 Virginia Wiehe Reede
1940 Patricia Wolfsberger Kaufman
1941 Harry Anweiler
1941 Frances Heifner Foster
1941 Charles Pickrel
1944 Mary A. Giles Deutschmann
1945 Norman (Gus) Brueckner
1946 Joe Olderworth
1947 Albert (Jack) Hitt
1948 Mary Rekart Cordes
1951 Jack R. Buechler
1951 Robert C Jones
1951 Don Wolfsberger
1955 Judith Ann Laws
1956 R Michael Fischer
1957 Louise Sharp Horstman
1957 Marsha Springer Kreiger
1957 Patricia (Pat) Speer Schroeder
1959 Carol McNeal Buckner-Creamer
1959 Hilda Funke
1960 Barbara Vierheller Short
1961 John Reisenleiter
1962 Robert D Evans
1963 John P Tallis
1965 Donna Purkey Joseph
1966 Terrell D (Terry) Abernathy
1966 Thomas R  Watkins
1969 Daniel Richard Howard
In Memoriam - 2010
1939 Dorothy E. Weyrauch
1941 Warren Weyrauch
1942 George Robbins
1942 Daniel Welsch
1943 Peggy Berger Murphy
1944 William M. Brannan
1944 Audrey Maher
1945 June Hoelscher Wilson
1947 Bill Johns
1947 Jean Bruning Walsh
1948 Leota Lilie Meals
1950 Betty Boughton Joyce
1951 David L. Agnew, Jr.
1952 Ralph Schmidt, Jr.
1953 Michael Pearl
1956 Robert Lloyd Haynes
1962 Paul Brinkmeyer
1970 Nancy Binggeli Mollman
1970 Reed Allen Pitman
1971 Michele Morice Soll
1977 Wallace Christian
2002 Gary Willis, Jr
2010 Lincoln Louis
ORES Donald K. Anderson
ORES Shirley Cline
ORES Marvin Gerchen
ORES Carl Haldiman
In Memoriam - 2009
1932 Mildred A. McManis
1941 Beverly Swofford Russell
1942 Robert Mardis
1943 June Carr
1943 Richard Dickens
1943 Howard E. Meier
1943 Betty Martin Naughton
1944 Helen Dedrick Horine
1945 Mary Kay Martin Yonkman Jepsen
1946 Leroy Glenn Day
1946 Betty Dreyer Truesdell
1946 Jack A. Truesdell
1946 Lester Wright
1947 Virginia Magner Roth
1948 Catherine Curtis Rafferty
1948 William H. Thoelke
1949 Roy Johnson
1949 Wahlbrink, Eldon C.
1954 Esther Nie Carnahan
1954 Linda Umphenour Edsell
1955 Anita del Riddle
1956 Richard (Dick) Fischer
1956 Helene Day Borisch
1958 Dennis Parker
1959 Jerry Marshall
1960 Edwin Kenneth Fox
1961 Monica (Micki) McCann Smilie
1961 Diane Schall
1964 Cheryl Bozeman Riegelsberger
1965 Ric Kinlough
1969 Jo Anne Chapman Smith
1970 Beverly Susan Blase
1975 Danny Patarick Noonan
1989 Matthew Green
William H. Thoelke '48 passed away August 5, 2009.  Bill was a former member of the Board of Directors for Brentwood Alumni Association, serving as chairman of our all-school reunion "3rd Weekend in September."  In 1998, he was honored by BHS on the 50th anniversary of his tenure as it's first football team captain.  He played football for Mizzou, and was active as a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity.  Bill served in the Army as second lieutenant and tank instructor.
He was a passionate sailor, and had completed the Chicago to Mackinaw race in heavy seas.  He loved sailing "Old Salt" along the Mississippi River bluffs at sunset, coaxing speed out of her sails.  He was elected Commander of the St. Louis Power Squadron.  Bill was known throughout the Metro East community.  He was a successful business owner and real etate investor, and former member of the Granite City Chamber of Commerce.  He had been elected "Young Man of the Year" from the Granite City Rotary, and was the President of the Hotel Motel Association of Illinois.  He was active in electoral politics and had been precinct committeeman. 
He is survived by his wife, Barbara Premer Thoelke, and his four sons, Eric, Mark, Craig, and Kirk, plus 10 grandchildren.

In Memoriam - 2008
1939 Gilbert Meier
1939 Paul F. Roth
1940 Georgia Callen Dawden
1940 Marjorie Ruhl O'Sullivan
1941 Eloise Beckley
1941 Josephine Facchin Openhym
1941 Katherine Beletz Guenther
1941 Vernon Kramer
1942 John Heagler
1942 Robin Beckley Hess
1943 Lois Balsam Hellwege
1944 Virginia Rosenthal Burris
1944 Beverly Lee Elliott
1947 Arthur G. Bert
1948 Jeanne Thane Uelner
1950 Margie Girardier Williams
1952 Richard H. Conway
1953 Brad Susman
1954 Orville J. Litzsinger
1957 Bonnie Johnson Vento
1958 Elisabeth (Betsy) Scherrer Brooke
1959 Steve Payne
1960 Carol Mash Fridley
1960 Connie A. Petterson
1961 Kaye Tekotte Russell
1961 Sue Vellios Yates
1962 Howard B. Herendeen
1967 Roy Cleveland, Jr.
1986 Sean D. Cothrine
FRIEND Frank DeRocker
Elisabeth Scherrer Brooke '58 passed away September 14, 2008.  Known to family and friends as Betsy, she died of complications from Multiple Sclerosis.  She is survived by her husband Philip L. Brooke and two children, Carol L. Brooke and Roberrt Brooke and two granddaughters.

In Memoriam - 2007
1940 Bernice Holtz Watson
1941 James R. Sage, Jr.
1942 Richard F. (Dick) Dunham
1943 Bonnie Fritz Dunham
1943 Louis E. Gahr
1945 Jeanne Fieser Hasty
1947 Charles A. "Bud" Rosenthal, Jr.
1953 Carol Pitman Riemer
1954 JoAnn Gates Bruns
1958 Joseph M. Dougherty
1964 Charles Daniel Geske
1966 Dixie Campbell Clayton
1967 John Jones III
1970 Scott Neunuebel
1970 Stuart Smith
1971 Melissa Ward Gubser
1988 Willetta Thomas
2000 Robert Ralph Smith
TEACHER Nina C. Knight
David Neunuebel '65 reported that, after an 18 month battle with bladder cancer, his brother Scott Neunuebel '70 died.
Last June, he took a vacation to the Kansas City area to see his best friend, Phil Lakamp '69, from their old Brentwood neighborhood. During this visit, he spent the entire vacation in a KC hospital due to medical problems related to his treatments. After returning home to Santa Rosa, CA, his girlfriend, Susan, called the family together. His children, father and siblings, Barbara Neunuebel Cope '63 and Nancy Neunuebel '67, came from various parts of the country and Scott even made a joke or two before passing away in August.