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Brentwood High School Alumni Association


1940 Violet Martin ( Dot) Zumwalt - Shreveport, LA - I woke up this morning and still had a heart rate!  Also, I am enjoying visits with my daughters and son.  I'm living with my youngest daughter and spending time with 26 great-grandchildren and 15 grandchildren.

1950 Bob Green - Brentwood, MO - Retired architect (private practice) will publish a photography/poetry book.

1953 Shirley Moritz Tayloe - Northridge, CA - I hope to attend our 65th reunion this September. My thanks to Sue Weber Young for keeping track of all of us.  I admire and appreciate our alumni association particularly our scholarship program!!

1953 Gail Schultz Todd - St. Louis, MO - Belong to eight different clubs - St. Louis Ukulele Club, St. Louis Astronomical Club, 4th Degree Knights of Columbus, K of C 3rd Degree Bishop Council, Genealogy, American Legion, Jazz Club, St. Louis Sunset Organ Club.  Attend some Meramec College classes.  Also attend cooking classes at Dierberg's, Schnuck's, Kitchen Conservatory.  Take embroidery classes at Jackman's Fabrics and classes at Painted Zebra.  Usher at St. Mary Magdalen in Brentwood.

1954 Marian Hounsom Lewis - New York, NY - Living in New York City provides many opportunities to participate in amateur senior theater - improv, musicals, story-telling.  My dream is to create a 70-plus troupe of paid performers.

1955 Darlene Brink Roland - Town & Country, MO - Keeping active with many organizations in St. Lousi are.  Stayed at the newest park in Missouri - Echo Bluff State Park - close to Salem, MO on Sinking Ceek near the Current River.  It's on loand of the old Camp Zoe, where I attended.  Family keeps growing.  I'm so fortunate.  Proud I grew up in this little town of Brentwood and attended an outstanding school "BHS".

1958 Jacqueline Schcuster TThursby - Provo, U - These "Golden Years" are shining and good.  The family is working or in school; I traveled to Oxford, London, India, Amsterdam; and we are blessed with decent health.  Thankful!

1959 Richard Carlson - St Augustine, FL - Identical twin boys, Harry and Alfie, born February 9, 2017 to our daughter, Shari, in London.  So, now with 3 young grandchildren, we are playing catch up to the rest of our class.  This is great joy for us.

1960 Suzanne McWhirter Davis - Fenton, MO - Been working at Edward Jones 14 years, after retiring from Maritz.  Toured London, Ireland, Scotland in 2015 with my daughter.  Son and son-in-law took me to Disney last year for my 75th birthday.  Grandsons are now 14 and 17 and the 17 year old is looking at colleges (football) for after graduation in 2019.  I took up weight training 4 years ago and I love it, although I don't compete.  I am doing well, for which I'm very grateful.

1961 Dave Niemeyer - Ballwin, MO - My son Rob, who is in the Navy, just became a Commander and we are very proud of him.  He will go to Yokosuka, Japan at the end of the year with his family for a 3 year tour.  For the initial 1-1/2 years, he will be the XO (2nd in Command to the Captain and for the remaining 1-1/2 years, he will be the CO Captain of a guided missile destroyer, the USS Robert Stetham.

1962 Nell Mier Newton - Southbend, IN - I just gave notice that I will step down as dean of Notre Dame Law School after 10 years.  On July 1, 2019, I will become a professor again.  Looking forward to it!

1962 Michael Rooney - Tempe, AZ - Enjoy practicing law, spending time at our mountain cabin, fly fishing and sporting days.  Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's various projects keep me busy and I volunteer with organizations that assist homeless families.

1963 Elaine Hanson Lentz - Ballwin, MO - Just getting old; 73 doesn't seem possible.  Still working on dollhouses and porcelain dolls.  I have also become a minion nut.  I love those little yellow guys. 

1967 Jeanne Brunner Cavender - Rolla, MO - My husband and I really enjoyed my 50th reunion at BHS last September.  It was so good to catch up with classmates.  We were instantly returned to those wonderful memories.  Thanks to the committee members for all their planning.

1972 Rick Reece - Salem, OR - I am enjoying semi-retirement, enjoying our 9 grandchildren, traveling to Oregon, and looking forward to a trip to Norway this summer.

1973 Jeanne Smith Milton - Amsterdam, NY - Retired from full-time and now work part-time as a Speech Pathologist.  Live on a farm in a house built in 1830, and have 3 horses.  I have my pilot's license and am rebuilding a 1946 Cessna 120 with a partner.  Our daughter is getting married and our son flies the cameras over the NFL football games.  I'm writing this in March and it is still snowing.




1940 - Dot Martin Zumwalt - Shreveport, LA - Thankful for older age.  Still enjoy church family and friends.

1941 Hap Michener - Ballwin, MO - I've moved to Assisted Living at Meramec Bluffs.

1941 Norma Hodges Murphy - Ballwin, MO - My niece accompanied me to Washington, DC to fulfill one more item on my bucket list - the World War II Memorial, as an honor to our Brentwood boys.

1941 Bette Strong Pickrel - Gladstone, MO - On my 94th birthday I moved to a new location in Kansas City, MO and on 6/29/17, I became a very proud great-great-grandma to a bouncing baby boy!

1941 Ron Vassalli - Camdenton, MO - Classmate Maxine Gray Reisenletter and I enjoyed our annual trip with my car club this year, which inclluded touring the covered bridges of Indiana.

1942 Genevieve Johnson Jennings - Owosso, MI - Still hanging in there.  Stay busy singing, quilting and helping fellow Marines.  95 coming up.

1945 Joy Reinhardt Allen - Ballwin, MO - My husband and I have been married 67 years and have 3 sons, 1 daughter and 3 wonderful grandchildren.  We have traveled a lot, mostly in the US, but have been to England and France.  We are enjoying retirement.  I have kept in touch with classmates Anne Hitt Hegwer and Sue Russell Scurr.

1947 Rosemarie Schweizer Kornfeld - Brentwood, MO - Only 25 of 53 from our class are still living, but we hope to have lunch on Friday, September 15 and attend the all-school reunion in the BHS courtyard to celebrate our 70th reunion.

1948 Gerard Voelkers - Bakersfield, CA - Second great-granddaughter due in November, 2017.  I am in my 22nd year of retirement as a neurosurgeon and have enjoyed every moment.

1950 Barbara Schmidt Hirsh - Williamsburg, VA - We are happily settled in a continuing care community, trying to keep up in all the many activities offered.  Still singing in the Colony Chorus and riding our bicycles when the weather is favorable.

1950 Shirley Callaway Holman - Ormond Beach, FL - My former husband, Cody R Holman, Sr, died on July 10, 2017.  He was buried in the military cemetery in Canton, GA.  In 1954, he was awarded the Bronze Star at Enid, OK.  Not many are living when they get it.

1952 Shirley Russell Drake - Katy, TX - I decided a large house and yard was too much for me, so I've moved into a retirement resort just blocks away.  My dog, Missy, and I are very happy here.  We have lots of family here in Katy and were fortunate that Harvey didn't flood any of us.  Plan to come for 65th reunion this month if they get the airport operating again.

1952 Norman Ramsey - North Fort Myers, FL - Bracing for the Florida summer.  Looking forward to attending our 65th class reunion.

1953 Betty Rick Dilthey - St. Louis, MO - Been blessed for 82 years.  Have 1 daughter who remained in our home in Brentwood.  My son, daughter-law and marvelous grandson live outside Chicago.  I am back in South St. Louis, 2 blocks from where it all began.  Although I use a cane these days, I remain active with my home, garden, family, best friend, 5 small pups and 2 kitties - all rescued from abuse and abandonment.  God is good!

1953 Howard D Haynes - San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico - I have spent 20 marvelous years here, having become a naturalized citizen 9 years ago, maintaining dual passports.  Believe me, whatever you hear or read about Mexico is Fake News  As I approach 82, I am still riding my horse 2 or 3 hours a day.  An anthology was published recently by Charles A. Wells, Jr. from Kansas City.  My partner of 44 years, Bill Harris, and I are featured in Chapter 3.  It is available through Amazon.com and has sold very well with positive reviews.  The title is Ordinary People Who Aren't.  I still remain very active in the caring and giving part of the community.  The experience of moving and learning another cullture has been the best education possible.

1953 Shirley Moritz Taylor - Northridge, CA - It is always interesting to me to read about the scholarship recipients, as I am on our Women's Club committee here in LA.  We raise money and award 5 or 6, but the most we usually can raise is about $1000 apiece.  Even though California state schools are great, they are not free as they were when we came out here in 1957.

1954 Charles Dayton - Brentwood, MO - After graduation, I spent 4 years in the Navy, worked for Union Electric/Ameren for 28 years, was a regional director of  4 states for the All-American Soap Box Derby and senior maintenance person at the Community of Christ Church in Kirkwood.

1954 Marion Hounsom Lewis - New York, NY - Living in New York City provides many opportunities to participate in amateur senior theater - improv, musicals, storytelling.  My dream is to create a 70-plus theater troupe of paid performers.

1954 Ted Rasmussen - Eugene, OR - I am still involved with editorial work for Tin Man Press, a company my wife, Greta, and I founded in 1979 to produce thinking skills materials for elementary-age children.

1955 Judy Green Arnett - Whidbey Island, WA - My husband and I are enjoying life on Whidbey Island, Washington.  This year we traveled to Canada, South Africa, Iceland, Italy, and Ireland.  A highlight was a visit from Linda and Jim Bender '55, full of laughs and stories about our high school days.  Turning 80 is just fine, except I can't get used to the big number!

1955 Jim Bender - Montgomery, TX - Linda and I drove 5910 miles to see and experience the Great Northwest.  We spent a week with our family in Crested Butte, drove to Sheridan, WY visiting the Little Big Horn "Custer's Last Stand" battlefield, then on to Great Falls, MT to enjoy the Charles M Russell gallery and Lewis and Clark Interpretive Museum.  After a night in Missoula, MT, we drove through the majestic Bitter Root Mountains to Coeur d' Alene, ID, then on to Spokane for lunch.  Following a one night stay in Wenathee, WA, we enjoyed a three night stay with Judy Green Arnett '55 and her husband, Nick.  To say we had a good time would be an understatement!!!  We all laughed until our faces hurt.  Fortunately, Judy is a practicing Psychoanalyst and was able to perform some much needed maintenance on our relationship after over 3000 miles in a car together.  We proceeded down the coast to Banning, CA to spend one night with Art and Jodie Welch '55.  Great meal, tour of the beautiful area and a fun evening playing Wizard and more hardy laughing!  On to Phoenix to visit my brother Tom '58 and then to Tucson to visit my sister, Mary '75. Long story, long trip, many memories and great time with family and friends.

1955 Lorean Ruhl Hay - Fenton, MO - After 30 years in Michigan, I've finally moved back to Missouri, closer to 3 daughters and 1 granddaughter.  Trying to adjust.  Call me and say Hello! (636) 321-8171

1955 Darlene Brink Roland - Town and Country, MO - The year had its ups and downs.  I lost my husband, Chuck, September 2, 2016 after being together for 59 years.  He was the heart and soul of our family.  I always enjoy your newsy newsletter, even hearing of friends of my sister, Judy Brink Carter '59 and am so glad to see how you have developed the scholarship program.

1955 Jodie Thomas Welch - Banning, CA - Art and I just celebrated our 80th birthdays with our family Memorial day weekend in Cayucos, CA, on the Central Coast.  My brother, Jim Thomas '60 and his wife, Barbara, came from Fredricksburg  TX to join in the festivities.  We were treated like royalty, not having to lift a finger.  Our 3 children and their spouses prepared the meals, planned games and brought 6 of our grandchildren to liven everything up.  A wonderful, awesome weekend!

1956 Bill and Barb Schaefer Borghoff - Arlington Heights, IL - We've moved to a senior community in Arlington Heights, IL and are enjoying our new life here.  We always like to stay in touch with those "happy days" at BHS through the Brentwood Alumni Association.  Thanks to you all!

1956 Carol Kottmeier Cooper - Pomona, CA - Hi to everyone!  Can't believe we're approaching 80!  In October, went to Cape Cod and up the coast to Bar Harbor.  Great trip!  Thanks to those who do the newsletter.  Look forward to it.

1957 Cathy Hoskins Gillis - Oakmont, PA - Just a note of appreciation to Brentwood Alumni Association - George Clements '57 and officers.  We are seriously thinking of joining classmates this September for our 60th!  We enjoy retirement in Oakmont, just NE of downtown Pittsburgh.  Just returned from a 2+week cruise of the Mediterraen with Viking Ocean Cruise Line.

1956 Jack Fuchs - Saint Clair, MO - Life has been better than a dream - married to the most beautiful, loving and giving woman (2nd try) for 42 loving years.  We have six wonderful children, have travelled more than 350,000 miles in our motorhomes, and been retired for 25 years.  I am 81 years "young", and looking forward to more great years!  Health has been great; God has blessed us!

1957 Michael Patrick Ryan - Hillsboro, MO - I am dealing with some health problems, but hope to do better soon.  Ride my bike when I get time, plus fish and take canoe trips when I can.  I would like to contact some of my old classmates if they would like to call me (636) 797-5255.

1958 Regina Stimson Gahr - Brentwood, MO - I opened Brentwood Christian Childcare Center for the Brentwood Congregational Church in January 2016.  I now have 20 "bonus" grandchildren and get my "baby fix" daily.

1958 Rita Gardner Mockler - Baton Rouge, LA - Mockler family fine here in Baton Rouge.  We are now great-grandparents to a beautiful baby girl, Julet, born February 20, 2017.  We also have 8 grandchildren.  Life is good.

1958 Barb Higginbotham Novotny - Valley Park, MO - My sister Pat and I went to Guatemala to explore a volcano on horseback.  Life is good!

1958 Jacqueline Schuster Thursby - Provo, UT - I am thoroughly enjoying my family, friends, service, reading, writing, travel, gardening and my kitchen.  Retirement for me is more varied and has better hours!

1959 Carol Howe Hart - Jackson, MO - Still assist in caring for 5 and 6 year old grandsons, while my daughter and son-in-law pursue their law careers in their firm in Cape Girrdeau.  Little boys are the reason I retired from Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis 6 years ago.

1959 Mary Ann Eckler Koetting - Chesterfield, MO - Nothing like 2 gals and a few tanks of gas.  Drove 5000 miles, loving every minute of our great national parks - Rocky Mountain, Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier and Mt. Rushmore.  Then, with another friend enjoyed Santa Fe and the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque.  The museum there has a nice display featuring Steve Fossett, the first person to fly solo non-stop around the world in a balloon and was married to BHS grad Peggy Viehland Fossett '62.

1960 Donna Herman Calmes - Maitland, FL - My younger son returned from Vietnam with his wife and 2 daughters, ages 3 and 7.  All are living with me in Florida in one "Full House".  Great fun!  I continue to weight lift and it's been part of my life for 3 years now.

1960 Walter Henkel - St. Louis, MO - On August18, 2017, I have been in my house for 45 years.  I don't know where the time went.

1960 Joan Ledbetter Weston - Brentwood, MO - Praising God for 3 loving children, their 3 wonderful spouses, 9 precious grandchildren, special BHS friends and memories.  I am blessed.

1961 Fred Abrams - Springboro, OH - I have authored 2 children's books which are now available on Amazon - Rusty and Pogo.  The goal of both books is to influence young readers to adopt a rescued dog rather than buy a store-bought dog and to raise money for rescues.  All royalties go to the rescue center where we got both our dogs.  I've also authored a book, Thanks for the Dance, dealing with the loss of one's spouse, which may help someone among our alumni deal with what I went through when my wife of 33 years died after a three year battle.  My 4th and latest book is Life's Journey DOES Have a Destination!  The book's premise is that we should seek a life of contentment which involves one's relationship with God, the life one is living, and the ability to be content in the moment. The book offers a number of retrospective and introspective exercises and suggestions on resetting one's goals.  All books are available through Amazon.

1961 Linda Alexander Smith - Fenton, MO - On August 18, 2017,  have been in my house for 45 years.  I don't know where the time went.

1961 Dave Niemeyer - Ballwin, MO - My wife, Terri, and I drove to San Diego, CA recently to visit our son, Rob, and family (three daughters).  Rob is a Lt. Commander in the Navy in charge of teaching newly inducted naval personnel how to operate destroyers.  On the way, we stopped in many places including the old Indian caves in Salt Lake City UT, plus Oklahoma City and Phoenix, where Terri's brother lives.  Took many photos of the always spectacular Grand Canyon; however, hiking the canyon was a bit more difficult, at age 74.  The highlight of the trip was a tour through the aircraft carrier USS Midway in San Diego which, at 2.5 football fields long, was a bit unbelievable.  Amazing, the precision landing planes must have in order to land fast and safely on the carriers.  After departing, my hat was off to my high school friend, Bud Parker '61, a previous naval pilot.  Terri and I are thankful to the Lord for guiding us through this long trip with significant negative weather changes.  We are extemely proud of all our servicemen defending our country.  Drive safely, BHSers, and have a great summer!!!

1961 Judi Turner Peckham - Labadie, MO - Our son, David, will be moving out of Brentwood soon.  He has enjoyed being a next door neighbor to Jackie and Clarence Sutterer '48, his wonderful neighbors for many years.  Am sure that the Sutterers' will miss him and his outdoor parties!

1961 Larry Schimweg - Ellisville, MO (Submitted by his wife, Sue, without his knowledge.)  On June 10, 2017, Larry was recognized for his military service in Viet Nam on the USS Jamestown, and took an Honor Flight to Washington DC with a plane full of other veterans from various wars.  Larry has a variety of medical issues including leukemia from Agent Orange while serving in Viet Nam.  After being denied for more than a decade, the Veterans Administration has finally given Larry 100% disability.  He feels it was an honor to serve in the United States Navy.  Larry's daughter, Carrie McGrail, escorted him on this trip of a life time and she volunteered to escort 2 other veterans who did not have anyone to go with them.  Carrie is our youngest daughter; her husband is Steve and she has a 17 year old daughter, Kayla and twin boys age 12.  Kellie is our oldest and she and her husband Cody live in McKinney, TX  Our son, Scot and his wife Colleen live inWildwood with our 2 youngest grandchildren - Alli, almost 12 and Logan, age 10.  We have been married 51-1/2 years.

1961 Linda Alexander Smith - Fenton, MO - We traveled to Yellowstone and to Maine in the last year.  Have 5 grandchildren - the oldest is 14.  We are enjoying our senior years.

1962 Nell Mier Newton - South Bend, IN - Still working at Notre Dame Law School - no plans for retirement yet.

1962 Marilyn Mollman Rymer - Kansas City, MO - I almost fully retired mid January, 2017 after 32 years of practicing Neurology.  Rob and I are traveling, skiing and visiting 5 grandchildren in Alaska and NYC.

1963 Elaine Henson Lentz - Ballwin, MO - I remember the Brentwood Theatre as I used to go almost every weekend.  My sister used to take me.  The first picture she took me to see was "House of Wax" starring Vincent Price. It was very scary for a 5 year old to see.  I also remember "Love Me Tender" and "Gone with the Wind" along with many others.  I also went to Teen Town.  Who doesn't remember Teen Town?  Do the Stroll and dance like crazy.  Now, I'm back to painting ceramics, canvas and walls.  Whoopee!!  Let's go back!

1963 Judy Zahner Rothman - St. Louis, MO - Major travel plans had to be changed owing to Ken's multiple tendon tears in both legs - no Orient Express dream travel by train this year!  Lost my horse this spring - heart attack.  I've retired from showing horses and am content with just maintaining them; which is a lot of work when you're in your 70's.  Entertaining lots of guests from Florida (neighbors from Crystal River area) and former Hilton Head Island friends.  Everyone enjoyed St. Louis except for the weather.  Making plans for building a new home on our Wildwood farm.  Am amazed by the growth in West County.  We used to ride our horses to Annie Gunn's restaurant and they had a hitching post!

1964 Tamara Stefanoni Rhomberg - Fenton, MO - After retiring from Rockwood School District and working as a national consultant for Zaner-Blaser, I have settled down to enjoy retirement as an adjunct professor at Webster University and as a director on the Rockwood Board of Education.  I still find time for the "grans" (4 legged and 2 legged ones) and traveling.

1964 Sylvia Leezy Stoll - St. Louis, MO - Just "retired" from the Hall of Fame Committee and will miss getting to know VERY interesting people that graduated from BHS.  It is well worth your time to join this committee!

1965 Rick Bond - Overland Park, KS - I am sorry that in the last newsletter, I misspelled bobbleheads, from St. Louis and Kansas City.  I love having a large supply of them.

1965 Susan Rooney Brighton - Longmont, CO - To celebrate turning 70 (Aargh!), we cruised the Norwegian fjords.  It was on my bucket list since I wrote a report on Norway in 5th grade at McGrath!

1965 Linda McKnight Jesse - Missoula, MT - I am happily retired.  I taught elementary school for over 20 years; then spent 15 years at the University of Montana in various departments.  We have 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

1966 Nelson Morgan - Smyrna, TN - Betty and I have moved from our very special Missouri to Tennessee to be closer to family.  We like the Nashville area, but miss the Ozarks.  Hi to everyone in Brentwood!

1967 Jeanne Brunner Cavender - Rolla, MO - Retired as an elementary principal in 2008.  Thoroughly enjoying retirement - travel, grandchildren and golf!

1968 Nina Gillespie Jolly - High Ridge, MO - Have been traveling to Florida and Montana, enjoying time with my 3 beautiful grandkids ages 2,  8, and 14.  Love retirement!

1968 Pam Plagenz Ross - St. Louis, MO - I was recently elected to the St. Louis Community College Board of Trustees.  I represent a large portion of the City of St. Louis.

1968 Don Slazinik - O'Fallon, IL - I am in my last year  working. After 43 years in law enforcement, I will gladly retire.  Parting words -  "The cops are still the good guys". 

1968 Nancy Bowman-McNeal Ross - Corpus Christi, TX - I am retired after 41 years with the Federal Government.  I am involved with Rotary International and am Assistant Governor for Area 4, District 5930.  I am on Facebook and would love to hear from former classmates.

1968 Pam Plagenz Ross - St. Louis, MO - I was recently elected to the St. Louis Community College Board of Trustees.  I represent a large portion of the City of St. Louis.

1968 Linda Rehfeld Ryan - Jacksonville, IL - We're still spending winters in Naples, FL.  Down there, I enjoy doing tutor training for Literary Volunteers of Collier County and speaking to local genealogy groups about family history research.

1969 Harry Connoyer - St. Louis, MO - Harry was inducted into the Missouri Pest Control Hall of Fame. Submitted by Vikki Hasty Belgeri

1969 Terry Gaines - Camdenton, MO - After retiring January, 2016, I sold my house May 1, 2017 and permanently moved down to my condo at Lake of the Ozarks.  Enjoying my bass and crappie fishing and the serenity and slower pace of life living on the water.

1969 Steve Moritsugu - Riverside, CA - I am still working full time at my computer job, but have retired from teaching computer classes at the community college.  I sing opera with local opera companies.  From my most recent performance, look for my big entrance at 7 minutes 50 seconds into this 10 minute clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hop3bWQ39Rw

1969 Katherine (Muffy) Phillips Reeder - St. Petersburg                  FINDING TREASURE OF THE SAME LIFESTYLE AS BRENTWOOD, BUT IN COLLEGE GROVE, TN.  

For most of us who grew up in the Brentwood area in the 1950's and 60's, the residential and business areas stopped around Woods Mill Road to the west and Union Blvd. in the south.  Downtown was everything to the east and, for me, going to Babler State Park or Rockwood Reservation was for Girl Scouts or a day's adventure in the country.  I recently found that little area lost in the 50s and 60's where my son, Chris, and his family now live.

Chris is a veterinarian, but a specialist, an animal dermatologist.  He is known in his industry around the world.  He joined the Blue Pearl group in Franklin, Tennessee on Christmas Day of last year.  Leaving Louisville, Kentuky was a hard decision, but the family wanted a "farm" of their own, too.  Oh my, I can only tell you that their farm is large, and I was really overwhelmed with both laying and processing chickens, a calf, rabbits, ducks, dogs and cats.  Remember when Brentwood Blvd. and Manchester Road was lined with little shops and gas stations?  Remember small family owned restaurants and no fast food?  Well, it is alive and well in little College Grove, Tenessee where they live.  Literally, it is like going back in time.  One family owned grocery store with one gas pump - they pump the gas!  One of everything else like a real drug store, a real cleaners, a florist, a sit-down restaurant called Nana's where everything is homemade.  Of course, there is one post office with the fire and police station next door.  And then there are the tiny and wonderful little shops and the darling little churches.  The closest town of Franklin is 30 minutes away.

I'm sure that there are many small towns across the country just like College Grove.  And maybe I am getting old enough to want to go a bit slower and enjoy more.  My grandchildren, ages 10, 5 and 4 live in a world that I remember where everybody knows their neighbors and their names.  My daughter-in-law is so smart and does a brilliant job of home schooling.  I'll be going back soon to find fireflies, play in the trees, and enjoy family fun times with no traumas of city living these days.  I guess I'm one of the luckiest grandma's in the world.  Only wish I could show them how Brentwood was, growing up.  But then, life goes on as I so fondly remember in little College Grove!  (After sending this in, Muffy recently added that instead of Nashville, she now gets to go to Louisville, where he is head dermatology vet.)  Andy is doing triathalons and Jennan had a stroke, but is just fine.  Perfect health and something like that would happen!  Skip and I are super-working and having fun, too.

1969 Steve Thomas - Costa Rica - My wife, Susan, and I have retired and moved to Costa Rica for the time being; she from teaching and I from the liquor business.  So far it's just golf, the beach and enjoying life.

1971 Diana Kuelker Huckstep - Louisiana, MO - I may have retired when I moved here, but my volunteer work keeps me hopping!  I am the president of 2 community organizations and help with 4 others.  I guess I really didn't retire!  The best part is, I love what I do!

1971 Linda Patty Vordtriede - High Ridge, MO - My husband of 37 years and I are still running our landscape company here in the St. Louis area.  We also own a home in the Florida Keys where we spend our winters and are renovating for our retiremet.  Really looking forward to that!  I dance west coast swing, salsa, bachata, argentine tango an more.  Alsos, we love to deep sea fish when we are in the Keys.

1977 Kevin Madras - Brentwood, MO - Celebrated my 35th wedding anniversary to a very patient woman.  After all, I'm just a man.

1980 Gregory Drake - Katy, TX - In 2014, my wife, Crystal, and I started our own senior move management company, Lone Star Transitions.  We help senior downsize and move into retirement communities.  We aren't making a lot of money, but we're proviing a much needed service.

1980 Robert Ronkoski - Cottleville, MO - In April, I was elected to a third term as an alderman for the City of Cottleville.

1985 John Yunker - Ashland, OR - I recently published the book Think Outside the Country: A Guide to Going Global and Succeeding in the Translation Economy.

ORES Betsey Anderson (formerly Milyard) - Webster Groves, MO - My first teaching job was at BHS, teaching English to members of the classes of 1970 and 1971.  Perhaps you remember our study of Silas Marner or The Crucible. My career took a few surprising turns, and I ended up teaching Spanish fo 25 years.  I have thought about my Brentwood students so often through the years!

ORES David Ryan '50- St. Louis, MO - Former BHS teacher, suffered a broken hip in a fall this past February.  With the hip surgery to place a steel ball, therapy, and moving to a new address, his life was very hectic for awhile.  But Dave reports things are settling now and his strength has mostly returned.  We wish him the best in his recovery.

ORES Jim Taylor - Kirkwood, MO - In April 2016 at the Sheraton Hotel in Westport, I was awarded the Bob Broeg Award for Excellence in teaching and coaching of the game of baseball.  The award was presented by the St. Louis Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame.  On May 15, 2017, I was inducted in the 2017 St. Louis Metro Football Coaches Association.


Recent graduate of BHS Class of 2015 and recipient of the Brentwood Alumni Scholarship, Austin Koster, has been awarded the Truman State University Student Excellence Award of 2017.  This highly selective award is given to only 3 students at the university who demonstrate excellence in academics, leadership and campus involvement.  Austin is currently a sophomore at TSU pursuing a double major in Business Finance and Economics.  He was awarded Truman's Presidential Leadership Scholarship and currently serves as President of his fraternity, Sigma Tau Gamma.  Under Austin's leadership, his fraternity was awarded Fraternity of the year at Truman this past April.  He is involved in many activities on campus including membership of the academic honorary fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi, membership in the Bulldog Student Investment Fund, and serves as Vice President of the Young Americans for Liberty organization all while remaining on the Dean's list.  The Brentwood Alumni Scholarship was money well spent!  Austin is the grandson of alumni Forrest G. Zinn '47.



1940 Dot Martin Zumwalt - Shreveport, LA - Thankful for good health and old age.  Enjoy church, family, cards, friends and doing for myself.

1941 Bette Strong Pickrel - Rogers, AR - Last November, at 92 years old, I took a week long cruise to Western Caribbean with my daughter, granddaughter and one of my great-granddaughters.  It was amazing and fun!

1945 Joy Reinhardt Allen - Ballwin, MO - My husband, Chuck, and I have been married 66 years.  We have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.  I keep in touch with 2 alumni from the class of 1945- Sue Russell Scurr (Salt Lake City, UT) and Anne Hitt Hegwer (Escondido, CA).  I enjoy reading playing bridge, and visiting with friends from my church.

1945 Anna Schneider Burkhart - Ramona, CA - Still going.  They can't get rid of me.  Keeping track of who is left in the Class of '45.  Love you all!

1945 Leonard Pronko - Claremont, CA - I retired two years go after teaching at Pomona College for 47 years.  I taught French and Spanish for 27 years and theatre for 33 years, directed 17 abuki plays in English and 33 2stern plays, was decorated by Japanese government, won prize by Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle, an spent a month in Tokyo and 3 weeks in Bali this past spring.

1947 Betty Whitford Clark - Fort Worth, TX - Broken hip, broken pelvis, pneumonia 3 times all in 4 years, but now feel fine and walk well!  Started smoking at 15; quit at 85 - No cancer!  God is good!  Eight grands, 3 great-grands - last one named Clark for first name.  John would be happy.

1948 Jerry Voelkers - Bakersfield, CA - Had to sell my Oregon home and return full time to Bakersfield.  I could no longer make it upstairs.  I now have an electric scooter, but it's not much fun as it only goes 10 mph and there is no way to enhance the speed.  Diabetes "done got me".

1949 Jocellyn Millner Pitts - Pasadena, CA - My favorite hobby is drawing "caricatures" of our government politicians!

1952 Norm Ramsey - North Ft Myers, FL - In May, I had a triple bypass. Hard way to lose 20 lbs.  Jean has family in Ft. Myers area and they convinced us to move there to be close to family.

1952 Terry Wolfsberger - Ballwin, MO - I am still alive and able to get around pretty good.  For the last 3 or 4 years, it's been Chuck Combs and myself representing our class of 1952 at the open house held in September at BHS.  Let's try to get everyone available for our 65th anniversary in 2017.

1954 David Hahn - Hovland, MN - After just two years at Washington University School of Fine Arts, I've been very fortunate to have had a career as an illustrator and finally, art director for The Miller Publishing Company in Minneapolis, designing and illustrating six monthly magazines in agribusiness and merchandising.  Virginia and I have been married for 53 years and have a son and daughter and six grandchildren.  We retired to Hovland in 2001 and have become active as volunteers in community, church and school.  I've been able to continue in the arts by painting watercolor landscapes and illustrating high school senior athletes.  The group portraits are framed and displayed around the gymnasium concession stand.  Each athlete and family gets a print.  It's been a lot of fun.  I also team teach youth art classes at the Grand Marais Art Colony and sell paintings at places along the North Shore.  I've been a foster grandparent for the past 10 years at Cook County, MN K-12; love it and the kids like old Grandpa David  We live 25 miles from Canada right on Lake Superior.  Most of the time it's cool in summer and warmer by around 20 degrees in winter.

1955 Lorean Ruhl Hay - Rapid River, MI - Putting my home on the market.  Hope to move back to Missouri soon.

1956 Edward Alsbury - Imperial, MO - My mother, Loraine Alsbury, taught English and French at BHS from 1943 to 1952.  I attended Frazier Grade School K-6 and Grade 7 at BHS.  Those years, I enoyed Brentwood and actually graduated from Kirkwood HS in 1956, while continuing to see BHS friends.

1956 Carol Kottmeier Cooper - Poomona, CA - Very sorry to miss our 60th (How could that be when I'm only 65!!) this year.  Hi to everyone, especially thoe from 1955 and 1956.  Thank you so much to those who put the newsletter together.  LOVE getting it!

1956 Ed Jordan - Dallas, TX - Recently attended our fabulous 60 year reunion.  Many thanks to Fran Langan and his wife, Terry, for hosting our group and Fran and Ellie White for spearheading the great occasion.

1956 Elaine Lieberthan Kahn - Collinsville, IL - I hope we can put together a 60th reunion for our class and find a class representative.

1958 Regina Stimson Gahr - Brentwood, MO - I opened a childcare center for the Brentwood Congregational Church and am the volunteer director.  I retired from the Brentwood School Board after serving 21 years.  Needless to say, I'm keeping busy!

1958 Rita Gardner Mockler - Baton Rouge, LA - Gary had a stroke in March and is doing a little better every day.  We're both getting a little forgetful, but that's not surprising.  HAHA  Hello to all my "old" friends.  Hope everyone is doing fine.

1958 Barbara Higginbotham Novotny - Valley Park, MO - Retired from my manufacturing rep job for 20 companies and have been seeing the world.  Bought a lake house for fun and still buying and selling fun!  I would love to hear from anyone from the class of 1958 (636) 861-0040.I

1958 Jacqueline Schuster Thursby - Provo, UT - Retirement began officially for me September 1, 2016, and it works!  Family, volunteer work, and homemaking look good to me.  (Though I will miss the BYU (Brigham Young University) students.)

1958 Andrew Wynn - Kirkwood, MO - My wife, Barbara, became disabled in 2012 after 8 surgeries to the left knee, which kept getting a staph infection.  She has lost the use of that leg, so we recuperate in Florida 8 months out of the year.  We now see a little bit of paradise and never see snow!

1959 Gloria Morgan Roseman - Imperial, MO - So far, life has been very good to me.  My husband and I raised two kids - Chris is VP of the St. Louis Sports Commission and my daughter works for the Humane Society, going on horse rescues.  I retired a few years back from a very successful gift shop in Kimmswick - Abigail's Gift Shoppe.  Rich and I travel when we can.  My sister, Carol Rhea Canfield '51 died in May of 2015.

1959 Nancy Eisenhardt Toma - Ocala, FL - Still happy living here in Ocala.

1960 Carol Colligan - Brentwood, MO - I am on the board of the Community Gospel Choir of St. Louis,  I am beginning my fourth season of singing with them and I just LOVE it!

1960 Walter Henkel - St. Louis, MO - After 8 years of labor and $23,000 in parts, materials and supplies, the Museum of Transportation rolled out a fully restored St. Louis Public Service Company Bi-States Predecessor PCC Car #1743.  It was built for PSC in 1947 and retired in 1958 when the #22 line (Jefferson) was abandoned.  By that time there were 5 car lines left and PSC sold a bunch of cars to Municipal Railways of San Francisco. MUNI ran the St. Louis PCC's till about 1980 when by that time, the salt air had eaten away at them and they were declared unserviceable and shipped out to private collectors and museums.  Number 1743 wo