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At one time Brentwood had no school system; students living in Brentwood had to attend the Rock Hill Elementary School and high school students usually went to Clayton or Kirkwood. In October 1919 the Brentwood School District was established, resulting in the opening of a school building in 1920, staffed by 7 teachers. In 1927 voters passed a $50,000 bond to construct the high school.

In spite of the Great Depression, the school district managed to continue improvements, including that of filling the frog pond in front of the school. In 1953 it took a bond issue of $1,000,000 to cover construction of the north wing and a new gymnasium, and to reconstruct the football field to meet standard gridiron size.

The first year BHS opened, there were a total of 24 students, with only 3 of them being seniors who graduated in the 1928/29 class. The first 4-year class (1931/32) had 10 students but history indicates only 8 of them graduated because the others were expelled for going on strike when there was a change of Superintendent!  We believe there is only one of these 8 graduates surviving. 

There was a girl's soccer team in the 1929/30 season; volleyball was organized during the class of 1931/32 (only seniors were allowed to participate!) and the following year the track team was organized. Baseball and football didn't come for many more years.

Would you like information on some aspect of BHS? Let us know and we'll try to get the answers for you! If you have any memorabilia, the Brentwood Historical Society would be delighted to have it.



Basketball season 1940 ........ The original group of cheerleaders was actually started by the English teacher and consisted of three girls from the 1941 graduating class. They were known as the "Pep Squad". No money was available for costumes, so the girls wore their normal school attire consisting of pleated, short (for those days) skirts, long sweaters and saddle shoes. They were Helen Fieser Anderson, Doris Faye Moreau Papin and Norma Hodges Murphy.

Today the number of cheerleaders varies. There were eleven this past year. They have eye-catching costumes in school colors of purple and gold and hold regular practices. We've tried to obtain facts but can only surmise the current cheerleading program came with football when it was included in Brentwood's itinerary in the 1950's.

Of the three original cheerleaders, Doris Faye is deceased, Helen says all she remembers about being a cheerleader is "a lot of jumping around", and Norma has donated her cheerleader letter to the Brentwood Historical Society.







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