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ALUM NEWS 2019   

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1941 Betty Strong Pickrel - Gladstone, MO - On 9/30/18, I celebrated my 95th birthday!  Five generations of Pickrels and extended family gathered to help me celebrate with cake, punch, fruit and veggies.  It was a womderful weekend!

1941 Maxine Gray Reisenleiter - Creve Coeur, MO - I am now in Creve Coeur Assisted Living - 693 Decker Lane - Creve Coeur, MO 63141, Apt 433.  My doctor stopped my driving, so I have to use a driver from here to take me to outside appointments.  This is a neat place.  I take all meals downstairs in the dining room.  They clean my apartment and change bed linens.  I am well cared for.

1946 Jean Hall Michener - Hot Springs Village, AR - I was married to my high school sweetheart, Russ Michener '46 for 53 years when he passed away.  We had 3 children, 6 grandchildren, 11 great-grands and 1 great-great-grand.  Whew!

1950 Barbara Schmidt Hirsh - Williamsburg, VA - Nothing new or exciting here.  We no longer travel or go out at night unless our Patriot's Colony Bus takes us.  They are good about getting us to concerts and plays.  Since we are in a college town, there are lots of things offered to us.

1950 Shirley Callaway Holman - Daytona Beach, FL  - I moved to Daytona Beach on October 3, 2018; bought a home 1 block from the ocean and 1 block from the river.  It is pretty here in Florida with lots of days in the 80s.  Feels just like summer.

1952 Phyllis Elliott Oakley - Washington, DC - Still going, but slow with a bad ankle.  I enjoy seeing pictures of my classmates.

1954 David Hahn - Grand Marais, MN - I'm still a foster grandparent 3 full days a week at Cook County Pre K-12 and loving it.  Also illustrate seniors in all sports.  They are displayed around the gym concession stand and changed out each year.  The player and family each get a print.  We had  a beautiful day yesterday for baseball and softball; quite unusual for April on Lake Superior's North Shore just 50 miles from Canada.  I enjoy your newsletter and wish I could be there for 3rd Weekend festivities.

1955 JoAnn Thomas Welch - Banning, CA - Continue to feed 250 guests at my church every Wednesday and was just elected president of my PEO chapter.

1955 Richard E Wolff - Ballwin, MO - My wife, Gail, and I have been married for 38 years.  we live in Ballwin, but spend a lot of time at our 70 acre country home in Southern Illinois.  We enjoy travel, dancing, The Muny, Cardinal Baseball and Blues Hockey.

1956 Carol Kottmeier Cooper - Pomona, CA - Had college friends for a fun filled visit, had cancer, been taking road trips in the mountains and deserts of Southern California with my friend in his Tesla.

1957 Brenda Braun Matthews - Ballwin, MO - This year for my 80th birthday, my three daughters gave me a 1 year old black Great Dane, named Gracie, from the rescue Big Dogs Huge Paws in Denver, Colorado.  So far, I have had to replace a couch after she chewed the top off a 48 oz. bottle of Crisco vegetable oil.  Then, she removed the moulding from the back door, and the living room rug has been to the cleaners twice.  Maybe her name should be changed to SHENANIGAN!  But, I do still love her and my daughters.

1958 Regina Gahr Stimson - Brentwood, MO - I have decided to retire for the second time.  I am stepping down as Director of the Brentwood Christian Childcare Center and promoted Tammy Gahr Johnson '87 as the new Director.  I am doing more traveling with the order of the Eastern Star and enjoying the trips as long as my health and the money don't run out.

1958 Dennis Kurre - Springfield, VA - Took an 8 day European river cruise in April from Amsterdam, The Netherlands through Germany and France to Basil, Switzerland.  Spent a week in Cancun, Mexico in July and a week in Branson, MO in October.  Visited other BHS grads in Florida, St Louis, Brentwood, Independence and Springfield, MO.

1958 Irene Christensen Ledbetter - Lake Barrington, IL - Still employed by United Airlines as a flight attendant; I enjoy the lifestyle.  When at home, I enjoy the quiet pace and spend my time in the work-out room, in my large garden, reading, gathering with friends and watching a sunset.  Life is good.

1958 Barbara Higginbotham Novotny - Valley Park, MO - Just got back from a fabulous 35 day cruise on a Seabourn luxury ship around New Zealand, Auustralia and the Indonesian islands.  Met people from all over the world and saw many sights of wonder.  Now planning my next trip.


1958 Jacqueline Schuster Thursby - Provo, UT - We will celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary in December, and we still like each other.  Four adult children, spouses, thirteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren scattered throughout the USA keep us hopping!  Brentwood gave me a great start.


1959 Joyce Rinck Arneson - Prior Lake, MN - I am looking forward to my 60th class reunion in September. 60! WOW!  I have lived in Minnesota for 50 years and celebrated the 41st anniversary to my husband, Don Arneson.  We have combined families of 6 children, 16 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.  Love catching up with all my BHS friends. 

1960 Sue McWhirter Davis - Fenton, MO - After 15 years with Edward Jones, I retired in September and now volunteer at Circle of Concern food pantry in Valley Park and enjoy weight training twice a week.  Not bad for a second retirement.  I want to go do some things I want to do.  Bought a large home with my daughter's family and I will live there also  No more grass cutting, house repairs and big tax bills.  First grandson off to Mizzou this summer to play football.  So happy for him.

1960 Wallter Henkel - St Louis, MO - This is the third year for the MOT (Museum of Transportation) being under private ownership and so far, not much has been done to improve things.

1962 Nell Mier Newton - South Bend, IN - Just stepping down after ten years as Dean of Notre Dame Law School.  Plan to go back to the faculty.  Will be in London fall semester 2019.  If anyone comes through, let me know!

1963 Elaine Henson Lentz - Ballwin, MO - My husband passed away on 1/9/19 and I am busy going through papers and getting ready for 2 eye surgeries.

1963 Linda Schall Powell - Wentzville, MO - Thank you for your efforts to encourage our graduates to continue their education!

1963 Judy Zahner Rothman - St Louis, MO - Have been a caregiver for my husband, Ken, the last year and a half as he suffered a serious fall.  Time at home has provided opportunity to concentrate on my writing.

1965 Richard Bond - Overland Park, KS - I am busy being treasurer of my adult Sunday School Class and tkaing acre of my wige.  Please pray for my wife, Dayla.  Thank you.

1966 Linda Pribble Hamburg - St Louis, MO - My sisters, Sandra Pribble Brockman '57 and Debra Pribble Brown '72 and I are enjoying the new-found family of my grandmother in Germany.  Wish she were alive to be a part of this reunion.

1966 Delyla Aulgur Uebel - Lampe, MO - I perform playing piano - both classical and theatre.

1967 Jacque Prade Ehrlich - Sky Valley, GA - I moved from Hendersonville, NC to the mountains of Sky Valley, GA (NE Goergia) to be closer to my daughter in Florida and be cooler at the same time.  My new address is 22 Eagle Circle, Sky Valley, GA 30537.  If any of you are visiting the area of Highlands, Cashier or Dillard, drop on in!

1967 Richard Oppenhheim - Joplin, MO - Retired May, 2018.  Play golf 3 days a week, play pickleball 2 days a week, rest the other 2 days a week.

1967 Ray Wideman - St Louis, MO - I have a new granddaughter - Josephine Rose (I call her JR), born to #2 son David & young wife, Stephanie.  They lived in Brentwood Forest untli JR was born.  Relocated to Webser Groves (a suburb near Shrewsbury where I live).

1968 David Sapp - Columbia, MO - I have been enjoying our 4 dogs.  They follow me about the house and are always loving and fun.  Short stay in hospital - doing better.  For 25 years, I have had MS, but am still reading.

1971 Debbie Zimmerly Goggins - Lake Ozark, MO - Jerry and I celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary with a fabulous trip to the West Coast this past October.  While on vacaton, we welcomed our 5th grandbaby, Carter Lee Abbey.  Continue enjoying life at LOTO!!

1971 Missy Reisenleiter - St Louis, MO - I was thrilled to add another stamp in my passport - a trip to Canada.  This Canadian vacation was not only my first time to the Maritime Provinces, but also was the break my husband needed to energize him to continue hiking the Appalacian Trail.  Mount Katahdin, or bust!  I have been thrilled to play a small role to support his dream of completing this challenging hike.  Team work!

1972 Mike Frossard - Ballwin, MO - I recently retired since my wife passed away in September.  Spending a lot of time with my 3 daughters, sons-in-law and 6 grandchildren.  Looking forward to spending time at our house in Bennett Springs State Park.

1972 Gregory Kornfeld - St Louis, MO -  Debby, and I celebrated our 40th anniversary in June with a trip to Puerto Vallarta given to us by our son, Chris and his wife Lindsay..  My mom, Rosemarie Schweizer Kornfeld '47 celebrated her 90th birthday in March, 2019.  Debby and I vacationed in Destin, FL in late August with Kurt Rudesill '72 and Mary Hippert Rudesill '73.

1973 Rodney Carr - Rock Hill, MO - Was pictured on the front page of the October Webster-Kirkwood Times.  He offered one of the free services to the Kirkwood community in the "Hands On Kirkwood" event by giving ecky Acar check-ups.  "Hands on Kirkwood" celebrated another year of helping local families.

1974 Cathleen Lowe Petrucci - Newark, DE - Working part-time now in a breast cancer program, as well as wellness coaching.  Thrilled to enjoy 6 grandchildren.  Continuing to travel extensively with husband in developing countries to support leadership development and healthcare.

1986 Becky Jundt Whitmore - Dittmer, MO - I became a grandma in August.  Gavin is adorable, and I love spending time with him. My daughter, Kyerstyn, and her family bought a house only 5 miles away from us, so I get to give Gavin and his sister Kailyn cuddles non-stop.  I love it!!!

2019 Margaret Callihan - Brentwood, MO - The St Louis Post Dispatch has honored 161 of the area's best on the field and brightest in the classroom.  From BHS, Margaret Callihan was named the Scholar Athlete.

ORE Rich Niemann - St Louis, MO - I volunteer at the St Cronan Food Pantry, do tax preparation for AARP and coach for the St Louis Archdiocese.

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1961 Fred Abrams - 1. June 2018 - was the banquet speaker at the reunion of the US Army unit 3/506 of the 101st airborne. (The 506th is the unit immortalized in the WW-II movie "Band of Brothers")  In the middle of the night on Mar 21, 1968 I put in an airstrike in support of a 10 man team that was up against a hundred VC and who all expected to die that night. They all survived and three are still alive. I got to meet all three at the reunion. It was emotional beyond words. (The guys in the picture: left - the team leader, who got silver star for his actions that night, middle back - the guy who held a flare marking their position so we could deliver ordnance a hundred feet from them, middle front - one of the guys who carries scars from hand-to-hand knife fights with the VC that night.)

2. Sept 2018 - had the opportunity to fly in the last remaining F-100 fighter. Got to pull g's, roll upside down and make a 500mph pass down the runway. I had forgotten how good the kick in the butt from the afterburner feels. The experience made me feel like I was in my 20's again.

3. Nov 8, 2018 - being inducted into the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame (they induct 20 vets a year). The award is based on what you've done after getting out of the service, not one's military history. Most of the citation is about Rotary work in Africa and the four books I've written.

I leave right after the Ohio HOF ceremony on Nov 8th for Quito Ecuador to meet with the Quito Rotary Club the next morning at 7:30 (I get in at midnight) to put together a Rotary project to restore water to a small village in the mountains north of Quito. Their only source of water was destroyed in a mudslide. Do not yet know if we will do something like we did at all three sites in Africa - a solar powered borehole with elevated storage. Likely we will have some health/medical component.



1940 Violet Martin ( Dot) Zumwalt - Shreveport, LA - I woke up this morning and still had a heart rate!  Also, I am enjoying visits with my daughters and son.  I'm living with my youngest daughter and spending time with 26 great-grandchildren and 15 grandchildren.

1941 Ron Vassalli drove in from Camdenton, picked up Norma Hodges Murphy at Stonecrest and visited Maxine Gray Reisenleiter at Creve Coeur Assisted Living.  They would all enjoy hearing from you.  Ron Vassalli, 126 Oasis Pt, Camdenton, MO 65020-2133, Norma Murphy, 8825 Eager Rd Apt 101, St Louis, MO 63144-1205, Maxine Reisenleiter, 693 Decker Lane, St Louis, MO 63141-6723.

1947 Mary Cuno Kearney - Kimberling City, MO - My husband and I started a Methodist Church and also the Chamber of Commerce.  I'm still on the Board of Kimberling City Senior Center.

1950 Bob Green - Brentwood, MO - Retired architect (private practice) will publish a photography/poetry book.

1950 Barbara Schmidt Hirsch - Williamsburg VA - We are still living independently in a continuing care community in Williamsburg.  We enjoy our life here, riding our bicycles, taking classes and for me, singing in our Colony Chorus.  There are concerts to attend and shows to see - Whoever had time to work?

1950 Jean Walsh Provencher - West Long Branch, NJ - I have been living in New Jersey near the Jersey shore for over 50 years.  My family was raised here and we enjoyed visiting the beach in the summer.  I still try to take a walk on the Boardwwalk every morning.

1952 John Fields - Mt Vernon, IL - My wife and I recently spent a week in Yellowstone National Park.  What a beautiful place to see lots of wildlife and natural wonders like waterfalls and mountains.  We are both enjoying retirement and spending more time with our kids and grandson.

1953 Grant Richard Oscarson - Chesterfield, MO - Twenty-six grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren, so far.

1953 John Penniston - Cambridge, MA - I continue to collaborate with scientific colleagues in Budapest, Hungary.

1953 Shirley Moritz Tayloe - Northridge, CA - I hope to attend our 65th reunion this September. My thanks to Sue Weber Young for keeping track of all of us.  I admire and appreciate our alumni association particularly our scholarship program!!

1953 Gail Schultz Todd - St. Louis, MO - Belong to eight different clubs - St. Louis Ukulele Club, St. Louis Astronomical Club, 4th Degree Knights of Columbus, K of C 3rd Degree Bishop Council, Genealogy, American Legion, Jazz Club, St. Louis Sunset Organ Club.  Attend some Meramec College classes.  Also attend cooking classes at Dierberg's, Schnuck's, Kitchen Conservatory.  Take embroidery classes at Jackman's Fabrics and classes at Painted Zebra.  Usher at St. Mary Magdalen in Brentwood.

1954 Charlie Dayton - St Louis, MO - Charlie was featured in a Soapbox Derby article in the Post-Dispatch in June.  Now 82, he has been the starter for the annual Jaycee Soap Box Derby race every year.  Charles was 11 when he and his brother raced on Highway 40 before it was an interstate, in 1947.  He and his dad built the car from actual soap boxes, made of a lightweight wood and procured from a grocery, on their porch in Brentwood.  The Dayton family is legend in the St. Louis soap box world, with multiple family members winning trips to Akron, Ohio, to compete in the world championship.

1954 Marian Hounsom Lewis - New York, NY - Living in New York City provides many opportunities to participate in amateur senior theater - improv, musicals, story-telling.  My dream is to create a 70-plus troupe of paid performers. 

As part of a growing movement (The Radical Age Movement), we are addressing ageism as a prejudice.  We are intergenerational, as everyone at all ages encounters ageism.  I am involved with high school and college students who are participating in this movement.  It is very exciting and we encourage new chapters.

1955 Jim Bender - Montgomery, TX - Family reunion of 130 brought back memories of Tilles Park in May.  In June, eight in our family celebrated our 50th anniversary with relatives in Germany and then enjoyed Italy and Austria.  In October, we had the pleasure of entertaining Judie Green Arnett and her husband, Nick, for 3 days.  We introduced them to good old Texas BBQ, Cajun cooking, Texas hospitatliy and visited the George Bush presidential library in College Station.  We really enjoyed their visit and began discussions on the 2020 class reunion.

1955 Darlene Brink Roland - Town & Country, MO - Keeping active with many organizations in St. Lousi are.  Stayed at the newest park in Missouri - Echo Bluff State Park - close to Salem, MO on Sinking Ceek near the Current River.  It's on loand of the old Camp Zoe, where I attended.  Family keeps growing.  I'm so fortunate.  Proud I grew up in this little town of Brentwood and attended an outstanding school "BHS".

1956 Carol Kottmeier Cooper - Pomona, CA - On my bucket list for my 80th year - To ride a Clydesdale!  Happy 80th to my classmates!

1958 Rita Gardner Mockler - Baton Rouge, LA - Hi to everyone!  Sorry I have to miss our 60th reunion this year.  We have a new great granddaughter, Juliet, who is healthy and beautiful!

1958 Barbara Higginbotham Novotny - Valley Park, MO - Worked on the committee for the 60th reunion and came to realize how fortunate we were to be in high school during the 50's. and also, in the discovery of all the warmth and friendships shared by those who really care about all of us.  We did not even realize this, back in the day.  My best to all BHS grads.

1959 Richard Carlson - St Augustine, FL - Identical twin boys, Harry and Alfie, born February 9, 2017 to our daughter, Shari, in London.  So, now with 3 young grandchildren, we are playing catch up to the rest of our class.  This is great joy for us.

1959 Bob Niemeyer - Brentwood, MO - Not only did the St Louis County Fire Academy Board of Directors honor Bob by dedicating the 103rd Recruit Class to him, but St Louis County Executive, Steve Stenger, surprised him by proclaiming April 12, 2018 Chief Bob Niemeyer Day.  The proclamation mentioned that Bob joined the fire department in 1963, became Captain in 1968, Assistant Chief 1980 and Chief 1982.  Bob's love of the fire service began at a young age when he saw a newsreel recruitment film at the Brentwood Theater.  He approached the job with humility and gratitude realizing that the true backbone of the fire service is the crew on the rig and not the chiefs.  Among his many awards is the highest, the Medal of Valor. Though injured in 1966, he was able to rescue a baby from a house fire and was hospitalized with burns and smoke inhalation in 1965.  He is just as well known throughout the fire departments in St Louis as he is in his hometown of Brentwood.

1960 Suzanne McWhirter Davis - Fenton, MO - Been working at Edward Jones 14 years, after retiring from Maritz.  Toured London, Ireland, Scotland in 2015 with my daughter.  Son and son-in-law took me to Disney last year for my 75th birthday.  Grandsons are now 14 and 17 and the 17 year old is looking at colleges (football) for after graduation in 2019.  I took up weight training 4 years ago and I love it, although I don't compete.  I am doing well, for which I'm very grateful.

1960 Walter Henkel - St Louis, MO - The Transportation Museum is free of the County Parks Department and so far, we are doing well.

1961 Dave Niemeyer - Ballwin, MO - My son Rob, who is in the Navy, just became a Commander and we are very proud of him.  He will go to Yokosuka, Japan at the end of the year with his family for a 3 year tour.  For the initial 1-1/2 years, he will be the XO (2nd in Command to the Captain and for the remaining 1-1/2 years, he will be the CO Captain of a guided missile destroyer, the USS Robert Stetham.

1961 Judi Turner Peckham - Labadie, MO - My daughter, Mary, and her husband, Lee, of Columbia  MO undertook the Missouri State Parks Centennial Passport Challenge last year travelling some 8,000 miles, March through August, visiting all 88 Missouri State Parks and State Historic Sites.  They reported that it is amazing what a variety of wonders are to be found within the borders of Missouri.  Son, David moved out of Brentwood and misses his next door neighbors on White Avenue, Jackie and Clarence Sutterer '48.

1962 John Fields - Mt Vernon, IL - My wife and I recently spent a week in Yellowstone National Park.  What a beautiful place to see lots of wildlife and natural wonders like waterfalls and mountains.  We are both enjoying retirement and spending more time with our kids and grandson.

1962 Nell Mier Newton - Southbend, IN - I just gave notice that I will step down as dean of Notre Dame Law School after 10 years.  On  July 1, 2019, I will become a professor again.  Looking forward to it!

1962 Michael Rooney - Tempe, AZ - Enjoy practicing law, spending time at our mountain cabin, fly fishing and sporting days.  Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's various projects keep me busy and I volunteer with organizations that assist homeless families.

1963 Robert Kemp (Deceased) - Bob's sister, Dolores Kemp Picker '68 honored her brother with a contribution to our scholarship fund.  She included a note saying that Bob left BHS in March, 1963 to join the Air Force and served 20 years, a Viet Nam veteran - getting his GED, a high school diploma and a master's degree.

1963 Elaine Hanson Lentz - Ballwin, MO - Just getting old; 73 doesn't seem possible.  Still working on dollhouses and porcelain dolls.  I have also become a minion nut.  I love those little yellow guys.

1964 Paul Hazelton - Winnipeg, Canada - During the outbreak of high mortality influenza in 2008, as a viral gastroenteritis specialist, I was asked to participate in the study of the remote Canadian indigenous community where there was a high level of infection and death associated with infection with the H1N1 strain of Influenza.  In the process, Winnipeg became a center of expertise for both Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Toxic Shock Syndrome.  Scroll forward 10 years.  While preparing for retirement, I called my wife at home just after Thanksgiving saying my cold was too bad to stay at work and..... woke up 7 weeks later in Intensive Care, with ARDS complicated among other things by TSS.  And, of course, my treatment was being managed by those colleagues from the earlier studies, who apparently took this one personally.  I think they call this Kismet.  In spite of the permanent lung damage and the complications involved, I came home for Valentine's Day, where I am aggressively pursuing retirement, rehabilitation and continuing to recover.

1964 Nelson Koopman - Darien, IL - The Washington magazine of Washington University says that Nelson has been elected to the board of trustees of Benedictine University in Lisle, IL. 

1964 Ron and Jan Brunner Stahl '65 - Loveland, OH - We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on August 24, 2018.

1965 Rick Bond - Overland Park, KS - I have been busy working in my Sunday School Class as Class Treasurer.

1965 Jim Coleman - Jefferson City, MO - I recently retired from my Act II career of 13 years working with special needs students in the Jefferson City public school system.  A great experience, but time for Act III - helping with tours at the historic Missouri State Penitentiary. 

1965 Theodore Ganahl  - St Louis, MO - Adjusting to a new life being that my wife of 43 years, Jackie, passed away this May.  I thank all of the alumni family that has sent cards and well wishes.  It's truly a family of friends at all of our classes.  Bless you all!

1966 Theodore Ganahl - St Louis, MO - Adjusting to new life being that my wife of 43 years, Jackie, passed away this May.  I thank all of the alumni family that has sent cards and well wishes.  It's truly a family of friends of all of our classes.  Bless you all!!

1967 Jeanne Brunner Cavender - Rolla, MO - My husband and I really enjoyed my 50th reunion at BHS last September.  It was so good to catch up with classmates.  We were instantly returned to those wonderful memories.  Thanks to the committee members for all their planning.

1967 Sally Graves DeWitt - San Marino, CA - I'm finishing my first year of a two-year term as Board Chair of Planned Parenthood Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley, one of seven PP affiliates in California.  Am also a founding board member of Planned Parenthood Advocates, the sister 501 (c) (4) advocacy group associated with PPPSGV.  I recently attended the Planned Parenthood National Conference in Washington, DC where I had the privilege of personally thanking outgoing PP CEO Cecile Richards for her twelve years of leadership during which the membership of the woman's reproductive health care organization grew from a mere 3 million members to an all-time high of 12 million members.

1968 Nancy Borman/McNeal Ross - Corpus Christi, TX - Retired and currently LTG for Club Administration for Rotary District 5930, treasurer for Christian Women's Club, member of Red Hat Society.

1971 Randy Seagrist - Webster Groves, MO - Retired from teaching and coaching, however, I'm still tutoring kids in chemistry and other sciences as needed.  My oldest granddaughter has started first grade in Webster Groves School District.

1972 Mike Conley - Brentwood, MO - Recently retired. my wife and I are enjoying watching our two grandchildren who live here in St Louis.  We are looking forward to traveling in the near future and spending time with our three daughters and their spouses.  Two live here in St Louis and one in Denver.

1972 Rick Reece - Salem, OR - I am enjoying semi-retirement, enjoying our 9 grandchildren, traveling to Oregon, and looking forward to a trip to Norway this summer.

1973 Jeanne Smith Milton - Amsterdam, NY - Retired from full-time and now work part-time as a Speech Pathologist.  Live on a farm in a house built in 1830, and have 3 horses.  I have my pilot's license and am rebuilding a 1946 Cessna 120 with a partner.  Our daughter is getting married and our son flies the cameras over the NFL football games.  I'm writing this in March and it is still snowing.

1976 David Widtfeldt - Lehi, UT - I did not attend BHS, but attended McGrath Elementary for 5 years and really enjoying reading about old friends.

1980 Diane Madras - Rock Hill, MO - Volunteer for Charity Sharity; knitted 3 Baby Surprise Jackets; began GED tutoring for the YMCA, tutor English as a Second Language (ESL) for StLCC and the State of Missouri.

1984 Denise Thomure Doran - Manassas, VA - I'm still in Washington, DC working for the D.epartment of Commerce.  I'm the chief learning officer for NOAA.

1984 Deanna Kapfer - St Louis, MO - I got my Master's in Currculum and Instruction in July, 2018,

2005 Susan Blanding Fischer - St Charles, MO - My husband and I moved back to St Louis a the beginning of May.  We had our second son, Andrew, at the end of June.

ORES Carmelita Alexander Collier - Alelxandria, VA - Carmelita retired from teaching at Mark Twain and BHS in 1976.  She has been rehabbing from a broken hip and has recently moved to Sunrise of Alexandria, 3520 Duke St, Ste 216, Alexandria, VA 22304-6303 (703) 212-5022.  She would appreciate hearing from her former students and co-workers.

ORES From Wray Darr's wife, Doris Darr - I really appreciate the outpouring of love and remembrances in Wray after passing.  Thank you for being part of his family - both students and faculty.

ORES Charles and Ray Nell Kapfer - Brentwood, MO - Charles taught at BHS for 37 years; retired in 1997.  Rae Nell was Library Aide at Mark Twain and McGrath; retired in 2006.




1940 - Dot Martin Zumwalt - Shreveport, LA - Thankful for older age.  Still enjoy church family and friends.

1941 Hap Michener - Ballwin, MO - I've moved to Assisted Living at Meramec Bluffs.

1941 Norma Hodges Murphy - Ballwin, MO - My niece accompanied me to Washington, DC to fulfill one more item on my bucket list - the World War II Memorial, as an honor to our Brentwood boys.

1941 Bette Strong Pickrel - Gladstone, MO - On my 94th birthday I moved to a new location in Kansas City, MO and on 6/29/17, I became a very proud great-great-grandma to a bouncing baby boy!

1941 Ron Vassalli - Camdenton, MO - Classmate Maxine Gray Reisenletter and I enjoyed our annual trip with my car club this year, which inclluded touring the covered bridges of Indiana.

1942 Genevieve Johnson Jennings - Owosso, MI - Still hanging in there.  Stay busy singing, quilting and helping fellow Marines.  95 coming up.

1945 Joy Reinhardt Allen - Ballwin, MO - My husband and I have been married 67 years and have 3 sons, 1 daughter and 3 wonderful grandchildren.  We have traveled a lot, mostly in the US, but have been to England and France.  We are enjoying retirement.  I have kept in touch with classmates Anne Hitt Hegwer and Sue Russell Scurr.

1947 Rosemarie Schweizer Kornfeld - Brentwood, MO - Only 25 of 53 from our class are still living, but we hope to have lunch on Friday, September 15 and attend the all-school reunion in the BHS courtyard to celebrate our 70th reunion.

1948 Gerard Voelkers - Bakersfield, CA - Second great-granddaughter due in November, 2017.  I am in my 22nd year of retirement as a neurosurgeon and have enjoyed every moment.

1950 Barbara Schmidt Hirsh - Williamsburg, VA - We are happily settled in a continuing care community, trying to keep up in all the many activities offered.  Still singing in the Colony Chorus and riding our bicycles when the weather is favorable.

1950 Shirley Callaway Holman - Ormond Beach, FL - My former husband, Cody R Holman, Sr, died on July 10, 2017.  He was buried in the military cemetery in Canton, GA.  In 1954, he was awarded the Bronze Star at Enid, OK.  Not many are living when they get it.

1952 Shirley Russell Drake - Katy, TX - I decided a large house and yard was too much for me, so I've moved into a retirement resort just blocks away.  My dog, Missy, and I are very happy here.  We have lots of family here in Katy and were fortunate that Harvey didn't flood any of us.  Plan to come for 65th reunion this month if they get the airport operating again.

1952 Norman Ramsey - North Fort Myers, FL - Bracing for the Florida summer.  Looking forward to attending our 65th class reunion.

1953 Betty Rick Dilthey - St. Louis, MO - Been blessed for 82 years.  Have 1 daughter who remained in our home in Brentwood.  My son, daughter-law and marvelous grandson live outside Chicago.  I am back in South St. Louis, 2 blocks from where it all began.  Although I use a cane these days, I remain active with my home, garden, family, best friend, 5 small pups and 2 kitties - all rescued from abuse and abandonment.  God is good!

1953 Howard D Haynes - San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico - I have spent 20 marvelous years here, having become a naturalized citizen 9 years ago, maintaining dual passports.  Believe me, whatever you hear or read about Mexico is Fake News  As I approach 82, I am still riding my horse 2 or 3 hours a day.  An anthology was published recently by Charles A. Wells, Jr. from Kansas City.  My partner of 44 years, Bill Harris, and I are featured in Chapter 3.  It is available through Amazon.com and has sold very well with positive reviews.  The title is Ordinary People Who Aren't.  I still remain very active in the caring and giving part of the community.  The experience of moving and learning another cullture has been the best education possible.

1953 Shirley Moritz Taylor - Northridge, CA - It is always interesting to me to read about the scholarship recipients, as I am on our Women's Club committee here in LA.  We raise money and award 5 or 6, but the most we usually can raise is about $1000 apiece.  Even though California state schools are great, they are not free as they were when we came out here in 1957.

1954 Charles Dayton - Brentwood, MO - After graduation, I spent 4 years in the Navy, worked for Union Electric/Ameren for 28 years, was a regional director of  4 states for the All-American Soap Box Derby and senior maintenance person at the Community of Christ Church in Kirkwood.

1954 Marion Hounsom Lewis - New York, NY - Living in New York City provides many opportunities to participate in amateur senior theater - improv, musicals, storytelling.  My dream is to create a 70-plus theater troupe of paid performers.

1954 Ted Rasmussen - Eugene, OR - I am still involved with editorial work for Tin Man Press, a company my wife, Greta, and I founded in 1979 to produce thinking skills materials for elementary-age children.

1955 Judy Green Arnett - Whidbey Island, WA - My husband and I are enjoying life on Whidbey Island, Washington.  This year we traveled to Canada, South Africa, Iceland, Italy, and Ireland.  A highlight was a visit from Linda and Jim Bender '55, full of laughs and stories about our high school days.  Turning 80 is just fine, except I can't get used to the big number!

1955 Jim Bender - Montgomery, TX - Linda and I drove 5910 miles to see and experience the Great Northwest.  We spent a week with our family in Crested Butte, drove to Sheridan, WY visiting the Little Big Horn "Custer's Last Stand" battlefield, then on to Great Falls, MT to enjoy the Charles M Russell gallery and Lewis and Clark Interpretive Museum.  After a night in Missoula, MT, we drove through the majestic Bitter Root Mountains to Coeur d' Alene, ID, then on to Spokane for lunch.  Following a one night stay in Wenathee, WA, we enjoyed a three night stay with Judy Green Arnett '55 and her husband, Nick.  To say we had a good time would be an understatement!!!  We all laughed until our faces hurt.  Fortunately, Judy is a practicing Psychoanalyst and was able to perform some much needed maintenance on our relationship after over 3000 miles in a car together.  We proceeded down the coast to Banning, CA to spend one night with Art and Jodie Welch '55.  Great meal, tour of the beautiful area and a fun evening playing Wizard and more hardy laughing!  On to Phoenix to visit my brother Tom '58 and then to Tucson to visit my sister, Mary '75. Long story, long trip, many memories and great time with family and friends.

1955 Lorean Ruhl Hay - Fenton, MO - After 30 years in Michigan, I've finally moved back to Missouri, closer to 3 daughters and 1 granddaughter.  Trying to adjust.  Call me and say Hello! (636) 321-8171

1955 Darlene Brink Roland - Town and Country, MO - The year had its ups and downs.  I lost my husband, Chuck, September 2, 2016 after being together for 59 years.  He was the heart and soul of our family.  I always enjoy your newsy newsletter, even hearing of friends of my sister, Judy Brink Carter '59 and am so glad to see how you have developed the scholarship program.

1955 Jodie Thomas Welch - Banning, CA - Art and I just celebrated our 80th birthdays with our family Memorial day weekend in Cayucos, CA, on the Central Coast.  My brother, Jim Thomas '60 and his wife, Barbara, came from Fredricksburg  TX to join in the festivities.  We were treated like royalty, not having to lift a finger.  Our 3 children and their spouses prepared the meals, planned games and brought 6 of our grandchildren to liven everything up.  A wonderful, awesome weekend!

1956 Bill and Barb Schaefer Borghoff - Arlington Heights, IL - We've moved to a senior community in Arlington Heights, IL and are enjoying our new life here.  We always like to stay in touch with those "happy days" at BHS through the Brentwood Alumni Association.  Thanks to you all!

1956 Carol Kottmeier Cooper - Pomona, CA - Hi to everyone!  Can't believe we're approaching 80!  In October, went to Cape Cod and up the coast to Bar Harbor.  Great trip!  Thanks to those who do the newsletter.  Look forward to it.

1957 Cathy Hoskins Gillis - Oakmont, PA - Just a note of appreciation to Brentwood Alumni Association - George Clements '57 and officers.  We are seriously thinking of joining classmates this September for our 60th!  We enjoy retirement in Oakmont, just NE of downtown Pittsburgh.  Just returned from a 2+week cruise of the Mediterraen with Viking Ocean Cruise Line.

1956 Jack Fuchs - Saint Clair, MO - Life has been better than a dream - married to the most beautiful, loving and giving woman (2nd try) for 42 loving years.  We have six wonderful children, have travelled more than 350,000 miles in our motorhomes, and been retired for 25 years.  I am 81 years "young", and looking forward to more great years!  Health has been great; God has blessed us!

1957 Michael Patrick Ryan - Hillsboro, MO - I am dealing with some health problems, but hope to do better soon.  Ride my bike when I get time, plus fish and take canoe trips when I can.  I would like to contact some of my old classmates if they would like to call me (636) 797-5255.

1958 Regina Stimson Gahr - Brentwood, MO - I opened Brentwood Christian Childcare Center for the Brentwood Congregational Church in January 2016.  I now have 20 "bonus" grandchildren and get my "baby fix" daily.

1958 Rita Gardner Mockler - Baton Rouge, LA - Mockler family fine here in Baton Rouge.  We are now great-grandparents to a beautiful baby girl, Julet, born February 20, 2017.  We also have 8 grandchildren.  Life is good.

1958 Barb Higginbotham Novotny - Valley Park, MO - My sister Pat and I went to Guatemala to explore a volcano on horseback.  Life is good!

1958 Jacqueline Schuster Thursby - Provo, UT - I am thoroughly enjoying my family, friends, service, reading, writing, travel, gardening and my kitchen.  Retirement for me is more varied and has better hours!

1959 Carol Howe Hart - Jackson, MO - Still assist in caring for 5 and 6 year old grandsons, while my daughter and son-in-law pursue their law careers in their firm in Cape Girrdeau.  Little boys are the reason I retired from Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis 6 years ago.

1959 Mary Ann Eckler Koetting - Chesterfield, MO - Nothing like 2 gals and a few tanks of gas.  Drove 5000 miles, loving every minute of our great national parks - Rocky Mountain, Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier and Mt. Rushmore.  Then, with another friend enjoyed Santa Fe and the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque.  The museum there has a nice display featuring Steve Fossett, the first person to fly solo non-stop around the world in a balloon and was married to BHS grad Peggy Viehland Fossett '62.

1960 Donna Herman Calmes - Maitland, FL - My younger son returned from Vietnam with his wife and 2 daughters, ages 3 and 7.  All are living with me in Florida in one "Full House".  Great fun!  I continue to weight lift and it's been part of my life for 3 years now.

1960 Walter Henkel - St. Louis, MO - On August18, 2017, I have been in my house for 45 years.  I don't know where the time went.

1960 Joan Ledbetter Weston - Brentwood, MO - Praising God for 3 loving children, their 3 wonderful spouses, 9 precious grandchildren, special BHS friends and memories.  I am blessed.

1961 Fred Abrams - Springboro, OH - I have authored 2 children's books which are now available on Amazon - Rusty and Pogo.  The goal of both books is to influence young readers to adopt a rescued dog rather than buy a store-bought dog and to raise money for rescues.  All royalties go to the rescue center where we got both our dogs.  I've